The Style Club at rossé held it’s very first meeting in our newly launched space recently. It being Diwali, we absolutely couldn’t help but use the festive season as our inspiration to create warm and welcoming nooks. We divided our members into three groups, gave them some decor ideas along with a whole lot of materials, simple stuff they could probably find in their own homes, and had them get hands-on to create the perfect table this Diwali.

The result? Three beautiful tables reflecting the teams’ personal styles and the collaborative efforts.

The ideas that emerged from this session were so beautiful, we absolutely had to collate them in this post with pictures and share them with you. Here goes:

Cute little Kullads

These kullads came to us courtesy countless chai breaks at MBA Chaiwalle, a cute little shop downstairs in VR Bengaluru. They serve all their drinks in these cute, eco-friendly clay glasses and we just couldn’t get ourselves to discard them. So we made them a part of our DIY diya project and the results were amazing.

This version was made by painting the entire glass pink. We then covered the top in glue and dipped it in a big bowl of sequins.

Don’t want to ruin your perfect holiday manicure? Lay off the pain and just wrap it up in twine. You can then glue on decor elements like mirrors, sequins, buttons and of course, flowers!

Honestly, with the little kullad, the possibilities are endless! There is lots of room for creativity and it’s actually very calming after a stressful day too.

No points for guessing that this rossé inspired creation was an instant favourite.

Go coconuts! 

Coconut shells are absolutely perfect elements to add to your Diwali decor! Once your done with them in the kitchen, take them out and sand them down to smoothen them. Once you’re happy, you can paint them, twine them, stick mirrors on them… the possibilities are endless. You can even leave it au naturale because a distressed look can add great character to a perfect table.

We preferred to clean and smoothen it up after which we covered it in glue and dipped it into a bowl of sequins. We then cleaned the insides nicely and removed any trace of sparkle and glue and used it as a bowl to display chocolates and nuts. Our guests absolutely loved it!

It’s all about the elements

There’s no such thing as the perfect table – or maybe there is. But chances of us pulling it off as amateurs is bleak and we don’t want to look like we’re trying too hard, do we? We also don’t want to break the bank when there are some amazing elements right in our cupboards that will really spruce the place up.

Use an old, transparent dupatta on your table to bring out real character and festive sparkle. Also, notice how we’ve used bangles as our centrepiece. All we did was put some beetle leaves in the centre and placed a plain kullad with a tea light in it.

Want to give your cushions a festive upgrade? Give them a holiday entirely! Fold beautiful dupattas for seating instead. You can also give your table a more celebratory look by tying dupattas to the ends of your chairs.

The dupattas used in this table setting are beautiful and luscious and are designed by Vishwam, currently available at our pop-up bazaar! Come and get yourself a few before they’re all gone.

We also added some elements from the collection within our Bazaar from Craft So Sublime. The trays with tea lamps and little nut platters were absolutely on point. The teapot was ‘borrowed’ from the collection of our café partners, Marzipan.

On the whole, it’s really easy to create a unique and stunning look to make your Diwali a memorable event. And you don’t even need to break the bank for it!

Scroll through the pictures below to get more ideas and host your very own Diwali Decor Party.

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