A place to network, collaborate, exhibit talent, learn and explore opportunities. We are a social & leisure hub designed exclusively for women. Run by women. We offer a robust and unique calendar of events and create experiences.

We believe that the act of coming together creates new opportunities, ideas and conversations that will lead to greater mobility and prosperity for womankind. We provide amenities designed with a woman’s needs in mind.


A platform where women can seek continuity between personal, professional, and recreational pursuits. Experience life’s memorial events – from early planning through execution – from success to celebration – it all starts at ROSSÉ.


To be preferred place for all women – feeling of belonging, safe and spend quality time to fulfill her dreams


To our chief rossétte, we create magic by bringing so many women together. To our creative rossétte, we are a space for women to collaborate.  To our wordsmith, rossé is a place to meet strong women, real women, and document their inspiring stories.  To our radio rossétte, we’re a space where women can get their voices not only heard, but also magnified. It’s a space to find solace and a community filled with opportunity. Inspiration, motivation, enterprise, retreat; the rossé effect has no limits.
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