A month into quarantine….

It’s a bliss to be home all day for so many days put together when we don’t remember the last time we did something like this.  But wait….is that your moustache growing? Ingrowth pricking and you don’t know what to do or where to go to? With all salons closed and all convenient door services at a halt during this lockdown, this is the time to be self-reliant! Let’s take charge and do some DIY before we start looking out of control!

  1. Nuisance on the face

Brows can make or break your face and if not groomed and maintained, you will look like a mess. Take an eyebrow pencil and trace the outer layer of your eyebrows. Take a tweezer and pluck the extras around or learn how to thread. There are countless videos available on YouTube & Instagram. Another easy hack would be to get a Bleach from the supermarket or Pharmacy  and bleach your entire face, sans the eyebrow area. The eyebrow extras would be hidden, along with concealing your hair on the upper lip, plus not to mention, an easy glow after hiding all your facial hair!

  1. Pricks on the body

In India, we’re accustomed to our parlour didis  or a particular salon to go to. The majority of us get waxed from head to toe basically every month. With the ongoing shutdown showing no sign of opening up, stubborn stubble has started showing up on all of us. There are plenty of waxing strips available in the market for you to do it yourself. If you want to save yourself some pain, get an epilator or razor. Though we don’t prefer to use a blade, this can be a temporary solution.

  1. Paws & hooves

We’re all so paranoid that we’re washing our hands every time we think about it. Along with that, the weather isn’t helping much either. At night, soak your feet in a bucket with some bath salts/Himalayan Pink Salt/rock salt. Add some shampoo for foam and rosewater for fragrance. Scrub the dead skin after your feet is soaked.  Apply some Vaseline on your heels and put on some fresh cotton socks. Get up in the morning to find smooth baby feet!

For hands, take some cinnamon powder, olive oil and lemon. Mix this together and scrub it into your hands for a couple of minutes to take away dead skin and make them smooth and supple. Throughout the day, keep applying hand cream after you’ve washed your hands.  
  1. Smoothen that pout!

The best DIY for discoloured and dry lips is some sugar and olive oil. Makes them all plump and smooth! Since we’re all home, give your lips a break and do not use any lipstick/coloured product on them!

  1. Panda Eyes

Due to excess melanin on our skin, we Indian women are prone to dark circles and under eye bags. This is the best time to get rid of the issues that literally give us sleepless nights! Grate some potato and extract its juice. Mix the liquid with an equal amount of honey and apply on the under eye area regularly for 30 mins.

  1. Mane care

Let’s give our hair some TLC and pamper it with a mask once or twice a week, so what if we cannot get our hair spas done!  The best one we found that works wonders for strong, long and beautiful hair is a mask with 1 egg, 1 tablespoon Apple Cider Vinegar & 2 tablespoon castor oil. Apply it to your scalp and leave it on for atleast an hour. Behold Rapunzel, you’ll boast of the sexiest hair in town!

If you cannot take strong smells, take equal quantities of cinnamon and coconut oil. Blend it together and apply in onto your roots, massaging into the scalp. Leave it on for 30-45 minutes.

  1. Eyelash & Nail Extensions

These are areas which need professional help. If at all you do have extensions on, here are some safe ways to remove them until the next salon appointment:

  https://youtu.be/msw9CqTRaTU   https://youtu.be/6cJ5xumHHiA