7 daily habits for naturally glowing skin

Hello fellow citizens, welcome to the 21 days of the already 10-12 odd ongoing days of lockdown. Whilst we all pretend that we won’t be losing our minds, let’s focus on the things we stopped doing. Like taking care of our skin for that matter. Here are 7 widely-believed daily habits you can inculcate for a healthy, naturally glowing skin.
  1. Move it, move it!

There’s no secret that exercise removes all that fatty junk from your body and sweats out the toxins, alongside letting your pores breathe too. Your complexion will improve and your skin will come out healthy and supple. You need to hydrate amply, of course.  Thank us later for that healthy glow!

  1. Practice skin fasting

India has the best beauty brands available in the recent times and we’re all hoarding our makeup stash with the best of products for our skin. But it too needs the “pause” button and this is the time we can afford to go “au naturel” without having to worry about those panda eyes or zits. All that junk you put on your skin all the time can be put to rest meanwhile.

  1. Get plenty of sleep

Talking of panda eyes, the number one culprit is lack of sleep. Insomnia, late nights, staring at blue screens(phones, laptops) adds on to hollow dark circles. Lack of sleep leads to pigmentation and breakouts as well.  You need 8 solid hours of sleep every single day for healthy, nourished skin.

  1. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a nutrient your body needs to support your immune system to help your cells regenerate. Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are essential to your daily health. Its benefits for skin health and appearance are known to all. Munch on nuts, have an avocado toast and some oily fish to get your dose of Vitamin E.

  1. Anti-aging antioxidant

Your mamma would have told you how much of a boon fruits and vegetables are for your skin. It’s of vital importance. Leafy vegetable like Spinach, Kale,etc and brightly coloured fruits like Oranges, Pomegranate all endow ample goodness to your skin. The WHO recommends 5 types of fruits & vegetables to your diet every single day.

  1. Do not touch your face

Yes, we’re sure you would have heard this many too a time often in the recent times.  Not touching your face keeps off unnecessary germs from getting transmitted to your skin which can lead to breakouts all over. So, keep those hands in your pockets and DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE!

  1. Give gratitude during your beauty rituals

Do all of this with a happy, contented, grateful flair and appreciate your own unique beauty.  All of us are beautiful; we just need some extra care as we age.