Quiet chaos and turmoil has gripped the world over. We’ve lost our ability to do the things we normally do, and for good reasons are advised to stay home. One thing is for sure, social distancing is the key to staying virus-free. #stayathome is the new mantra. Whilst we adhere to safety norms, here’s what you can do to stay sane while you social-distance:
  1.Bury your noses into books  

One can safely say that if you had to travel time, destinations and universes, the only way to do it is by getting lost into the wormhole of a book. Get a hot chocolate, put on your comfy sweater, roll up in the cosiest place in your house and get lost.

2. Explore your culinary flair  

A life skill that can never be brushed up enough, take to the kitchen, let go of your home cook or make your mom proud by exploring the masterchef in you. Learn that age-old family recipe, whip up some bakes or get into the habit of healthy eating, there’s never a better time.

3. Self-care  

As we grow older and busier, life catches up and so does our body. The clear skin which once needed only a swap of moisturizer asks for so much more. Mix some ubtan and layer on your face, put some bath salts in a bucket/bathtub and listen to some Frank Sinatra.

  4. Work on your mental health

Rejuvenate your senses and meditate whenever you can. These times can be crazy and we need to be prudent. Start Buddhist chanting with “Om Mane Padme Hum”, it takes you to a different state of tranquillity. If you’re the one who needs careful guidance, download everyone’s favourite “Headspace” or “Calm”. There are several podcasts to guide you to inner serenity which you could explore on Soundcloud or Apple Podcasts.

5. Take up an online course

Ever wanted to learn wood working? All of us have several forgotten interests which thankfully in today’s world can be all explored online on platforms like Masterclass, Udemy, etc. These platforms also house various important courses like brushing up on excel or Photoshop basics  which can be a positive attribute to your career.

  6. Friends & Family

Calling up that old friend, you never know how much they caught up on life while you caught up on yours. Stay with your mom whilst this passes, the hustle-bustle of daily life would never give you a chance otherwise. Or if everyone is a distance away, cuddle up and give time to your tiny paws!

  7. Organize your wardrobe & deep clean  

All of us have seen Deepika Padukone’s post and we’re sure half of you scurried to get your wardrobes in place when you have all the time. Donate what you’ve outgrown & do away with clutter. Put your socks, undergarments, belts, bags, makeup brushes(after cleaning them!), jewellery in place. Dust and deep clean the tiniest corners of your house which you won’t have spotted otherwise. We don’t need a pandemic to remind us of sanitation and hygiene, but such times do remind us of the importance of such.

  8. Handle your finances & file your taxes

It’s that time of the year and before you wait for the last date to file your taxes, it’s good to keep everything in order and file your taxes beforehand. In case you have more time available, call up the person who would make you the happiest, your financial planner. Women often neglect making a small investment themselves while giving free advice and nag to their husbands to invest somewhere.  Mutual funds, stocks & shares, whichever seems lucrative; put a small sum of money away. You never know when a rainy day is near. And oh, all women need a secret bank account 😀

  9. Do something you always wanted to do

If all the above are done, we’re sure you still have more “wants”. Pick that out from that long list rummaged in your head and do it before #stayathome becomes passé