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A physical place where women can work, collaborate and just be, even for a few moments, among other women. A desk to plug in and work, a couch to unplug and unwind, or a forum where women can express themselves.


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Why Rosse?

Women are looking for a space between work and home that allows them to socialize, connect with other women, and take care of their wellness with ease.

An environment, where they feel safe and comfort, more likely to speak up, relate to their struggles, validate their thoughts & feelings with others, balance work life, motherhood, and ease everyday life against a lightning-fast city, rejuvenate after short breaks, to be seen, heard, valued and pampered

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Member Benefits

Rossé is a place for support, encouragement, comfort, enthusiasm, creativity, and friendship. These benefits are shared by all women member from all walks of life, with varied perspectives, diverse backgrounds, and different experiences.

Get to work, network, collaborate, exhibit talent, express oneself, relate to others, learn and explore opportunities